Numb Penis Got You Down? Here’s What Every Man Needs to Know and Do to Regain Sensitivity

Numb Penis: Symptoms

Symptoms of a numb penis can vary broadly from guy to guy. Some men may not sense what they generally would whilst a partner attempts to the touch or stimulate them. Other men get the feeling just like that of a leg that “falls asleep.”

There are several different symptoms of penile numbness and often depend upon the underlying cause of the issue. Here are some to appearance out for:

Coldness inside the penis or testicles
Loss of sensation in the complete groin area
Blue or purplish tinge to the skin
A needle-like feeling or burning and tingling
Numb Penis: eight Potential Causes
There are masses of methods penile numbness can broaden, a few are greater serious than others. Here are eight potential causes of a numb penis:

Sitting for too lengthy – Sitting too lengthy, particularly on poorly padded chairs, can positioned pressure at the penis or perineum, making it numb.
Riding a motorcycle – Riding a bike in and of itself puts strain at the perineum. Bumps on the street and friction additionally play a function because the penis is constricted and can be slammed towards the seat repeatedly.
Wearing “too tight” clothing – The penis needs room and air to breathe. By sporting constricting bottoms, specifically those which are tough, can worsen the penis and additionally purpose redness and chafing.
Injury – When the penis is injured, it may become numb. Usually, this results from harm to the blood vessels or sure nerves.
Irritation or Allergy – Penile skin may be very sensitive and may be effortlessly angry by using new laundry detergents, soaps, and different hygiene merchandise.
Sex or masturbation triggered injury – An erect penis isn’t always a flexible penis, making it clean to injury in the course of energetic or difficult sex. The identical can occur whilst masturbating because of excessive friction, especially if now not sufficient lubricant is used. This can motive numbness, pain, numbness, and even modifications in penile shade. Using some sexual aids consisting of cock rings and penis pumps also can damage the penis.
Neuropathy because of disorder – Some sicknesses cite fashionable neuropathy as a symptom or effect of the ailment, along with however no longer confined to lupus, most cancers, MS, diabetes, and Peyronie’s disease. This also can affect the penis and complete reproductive vicinity.
Low Testosterone (Low T) – When testosterone levels drop, men may also word a loss of sensation in their penis and usual much less severe emotions during sex.
Numb Penis: Treatment
Treatment largely relies upon at the motive of the numbness. If you are not positive what is causing it, head to a doctor for a analysis and a treatment plan. Here are a few matters you may do to deal with numbness:

Treat the sickness first – If your numb penis is the result of an current situation, treat the circumstance first! For instance, guys with diabetes ought to preserve a healthful weight and monitor their blood sugar every day.
Change lifestyle conduct – Taking status breaks, the usage of padded seats and chairs, stand whilst feasible, and avoid uncomfortable furniture.
Medication – For continual or long-term clinical situations, doctors can prescribe appropriate medicines to save you nerve harm or assist destroy down scar tissue inside the penis.
Numb Penis: Prevention
The excellent way to save you a numb penis is to take foremost care of it. Protect the penis when gambling contact sports, practice moderation and care when involved in any sexual activity, and watch how you sit down, how long, and what you’re sitting on. Some guys additionally like to use a in particular formulated penis health crème (health specialists suggest Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically validated secure and slight for pores and skin) to hold the penis soft and sensitive. Some crèmes like this one comprise elements to reinforce sensitivity and save you nerve damage. Apply each day for great results.

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